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Huddle up for some 1962 Cherokee High football

Go deep for the pass – and the past, with this football program for the Warriors’ kick-off to the 1962 season. The game against Milton on September 7 (which they won 20-0) set them running for a 4-5-1 season record.

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Wish you were here … Pine Crest postcard

Pine Crest

For all the tourists in Canton during the 1960s, nothing would beat this postcard souvenir of a local landmark: The Pine Crest Restaurant and Motor Lodge. As the back of the postcard proclaims, the Pine Crest has air condition, TV

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1934 state basketball champs


Take a look at the Georgia state champs for 1934: the Canton High School boys team. The team, captured in the photo above for history right after their state championship win, won the Class B title in finals held in

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The Canton-chicken connection

Chicken plant

This photo from the late 1940s (shared by Richard Gray) shows how hands-on chicken processing was at the time. Canton Poultry was a processing plant that opened in 1944 near Railroad Street; Gray’s grandfather Arthur Gray helped start it. By

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Greenies band uniform, 66 years later

Canton High band uniform

Before all the other county high schools, there was the Green and Gold — Canton High School. This Canton High Band uniform shows off the school colors of the Greenies in rich detail. Housed in the Cherokee County Historical Society

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Canton Drug’s comic stylings

Canton Drug comic advertisement

Canton Drug was a fixture for decades on Main Street and could claim many things in its history: a profitable business, a social hub, a phone number of the single digit “1” and … a newspaper comic strip as an

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Climbing the Etowah River bridge

Courtesy the Cherokee County Historical Society

An iron bridge over the Etowah River was built in the late 1800s near the location of the current bridge by Heritage Park. Some adventurous Canton residents climb aboard the structure in this postcard from 1913 (via the Cherokee County

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A quarter to go see a movie at the Canton Theatre


At one time, a quarter could get you an afternoon’s movie entertainment at the Canton Theater. In this movie ticket from the movie house (now housed at the Cherokee County Historical Society), the admission price is just 25 cents —

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Watch Canton High’s football practice in 1950

Canton High football 1950

The Canton High Greenies hit the field for football practice in this 1950 video. Shared by Richard Gray, the footage is narrated by his uncle Dale “Tank” Gray, a player who was on the team (#44). The practice field is

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Burger Chief, with a side of 1980s memories

Canton Rewind, 70s style!

Lisa Hillhouse Tressler of the Sixes community had an enviable job in high school: she worked at the Burger Chief from 1981 through 1984, when she graduated. The restaurant, opened in the 1960s by Dr. Edwin Swords and Dr. William

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Nell Magruder: ‘Family history surrounds me’

Nell Magruder has a family history that stretches back into Canton’s earliest days, but she’s also interested in Canton’s future. In this edited transcript of a conversation in April 2014, she talks about a childhood next to Main Street, the

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What was on the menu in the 1950s?

Howell's Rest Station menu inside

A hamburger for 20 cents. Soft drinks for a nickel. And the big splurge: A large T-bone steak lunch for $2.75. Check out these and other prices off the menu for Howell’s Rest Station in the 1950s. Located near the

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‘Donkey baseball’ on July 4th

donkey baseball

In this video shared by Richard Gray, the 1954 Fourth of July parade stops at a field close to where Heritage Park is today. Along with the ladies riding in the floats, the holiday celebrations also included a game of

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Canton High girls basketball team, 1916-1917

Canton High School girls basketball 1916-1917

Five Canton girls took to the court early in basketball’s history. For the 1916-1917 season, they made up the Canton High School’s girls basketball team. The sport, which was only invented in the 1890s, quickly caught on with colleges and

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What do you eat at a picnic in 1894?

A Sunday school picnic on a May day provides a slice of life of Canton 1894. Two Sunday school groups met at the courthouse in downtown Canton and then traveled by wagons to an area on the Field Plantation. (The

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Electricity comes to Canton


With a few weeks in 1908, Canton residents suddenly had both electricity and running water. As with the rest of the nation, Canton saw quickly evolving advancements at the turn of the century with planes, widespread use of cars, new

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Cherokee Indians make surprise visit

Cherokee Indians surprise visit

Most of the Cherokee Indians had been forcibly removed from Canton and the surrounding area in the infamous “Trail of Tears” in 1838. They were rounded up and put into camps such as Fort Buffington and Sixes Encampment before being

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Waiting at the train depot


An image from around 1910 captures Canton’s train depot. The U. & N. Depot was served by the Louisville & Nashville Railroad and was located approximately near the intersection of today’s Railroad St. and Marietta St. View Larger Map

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Daily life in segregated Canton

Canton Rewind, 70s style!

Ozella Tanner, born in 1927, has lived in Canton since 1942. (Her daughter, Pat Tanner, was on the Canton City Council.) In this first person excerpt of an interview with the Cherokee County Historical Society conducted by Mary Cissell and

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Cruising Canton in a Model T

Model T

Mary Mason and Melton Brock cruise around Canton in a Model T in 1916. Production of cars doubled nationally from the previous year, and by 1918, half of those were Ford Model Ts. Gas was about 23 cents a gallon,

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A fearsome gridiron gang

1958 Canton Elementary football

The 1958 Canton Elementary School football team was made up of this fearsome gridiron gang of 6th, 7th and 8th graders. Because there were so few youth teams back then, the school’s team divided itself into “red” and “yellow” teams

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A letter home from New Zealand during WWII

Ernest Stone WWII letter

Ernest “Pebble” Stone was in his early 20s and a long way from home when he fought in World War II’s Pacific theater. After the war, he returned home, married (his wife was longtime art teacher Helen Stone) and remained

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‘Cheapest clap-trap stuff that decent people ever listened to’ at medicine show

At a time when the entire population of Cherokee County was less than 20,000, an estimated 1,500-2,000 people showed up at a 1927 “Medicine Show” to buy its wares — or cheap “clap-trap stuff,” according to a newspaper. The Saturday

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Union Hill grocery store


Union Hill grocery store, around 1988. A store still sits at the intersection of Lower Union Hill and Sugar Pike roads. (Photo from 1988 Cherokee High yearbook)

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Cherokee vs. Pickens: An early and contentious rivalry


One of the earliest baseball games ever played in Cherokee illustrates that player spats and controversy on the field are nothing new. In the match-up between the Cherokee Stars and the Pickens Athletics in June 1886, the Cherokee team came

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Video offers peek into 1976 Cherokee High

1976 Cherokee High School

On one of the last days of school in 1976, student Lanny C. Lathem didn’t know he was capturing something rare on film. He thought he was just capturing some end-of-the-year moments at Cherokee High School, but it now offers

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Canton’s first skating rink — in 1909

1909 skating rink Cherokee Advance

Although many Canton residents may remember Sparkles as the first skating rink in Canton, that honor actually belongs to a business that began more than 100 years ago. As the advertisement in the Cherokee Advance announces, a skating rink opened

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Canton’s ‘wild washing waters’ of 1886


In a time when most relied on farming for their livelihood and for food to keep them alive, massive flooding in 1886 affected almost everyone in the Canton area. It was, by one account, “the largest, most extensive, the highest

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The original Avery Elementary

Avery Elementary 1950s

Decades before there was the brick school on the corner of East Cherokee and Union Hill roads, there was an Avery Elementary about two miles away to serve the small Avery community. This photo, shared by Annette Haley Mickel (in

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Plane disintegrates in Canton sky

Canton Rewind, 70s style

In the early morning hours of a Sunday in 1984, a small plane broke up over the skies between Canton and Ball Ground, leaving behind wreckage along a mile-long path and all five people aboard dead. Around 4:30 a.m. on

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You can still play where a governor lived

Brown Park, pictured here in 1949, officially became a park in 1906. Before that, the home of Georgia’s Civil War governor, Joseph Brown, stood here — at least until it was burned down by Gen. Sherman in his march to

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Before all the fast food places, there was Burger Chief

Burger Chief cup

Before the fast-food chains invaded Canton, there was Burger Chief. Opened in the mid-1960s by Dr. Edwin Swords and Dr. William Nichols, Burger Chief was one of the few “fast food” restaurants in the area at the time. This cup,

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Family poisoned in Macedonia

Canton Rewind, 70s style

A family’s trip to a camp meeting at Macedonia Church ended in poisoning in 1883. According to news reports at the time, William DeVeril from Milton came to Macedonia Church with his family via wagon on Saturday morning for a

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Fiddler’s convention: ‘If you can’t laugh, don’t come’

1908 fiddler's convention

In 1908, Canton hosted an “olde tyme” fiddler’s convention, inviting fiddlers and banjo players from around the area to show up over a weekend. As noted in this ad in the June 12, 1908 edition of the Cherokee Advance: “If

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Deadly tornado strikes near Lathemtown and Orange


One of the worst tornadoes to hit Canton touched down near the Lathemtown and Orange communities in 1928, killing at least five people and injuring dozens, including several children. One, a 9-year-old girl, had both arms broken among other injuries.

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Canton’s ‘killer goat’

Canton Rewind, 70s style

Canton has been in state and national news for many things, but only one time for a so-called “killer goat.” On May 16, 1991, the goat named Snowball rammed his Canton owner several times and pushed him off the porch.

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Video: Mill workers on strike

Mill Strike 1963

The 1960s brought protests and unrest throughout the United States and Canton was no exception. For more than three months over 1963-1964, Canton Cotton Mill workers were on strike, demanding better pay, retirement and other benefits. In this video from

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Greenies basketball, with an assist from 1970

1970 Canton Greenies basketball team

David Pope, who grew up in Canton, shared this slice of Canton sports history via Facebook. The 1970 Canton Greenies boys basketball team is captured for posterity at the old Canton Elementary. Pope, kneeling third from the left, is joined

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Where were you for the ‘Storm of the Century?’

1993 blizzard NOAA map

Whether you remember it as the Great Blizzard, the Storm of the Century or the original Superstorm, most people do remember the winter storm of 1993 and where they were through it. On March 10, 1993, Canton was enjoying temps

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Video: Canton votes!

Canton election 1962

Canton residents head to City Hall to vote in this video, but you get to glimpse into the everyday life of Canton. This video excerpt from the WSB-TV archive (used here with permission) is dated in records as January 1,

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How would you have liked to golf with Bobby Jones in Canton?

Bobby Jones dominated golf in the 1920s and had become one of the most famous athletes in the world of the era. On a summer day in 1938, he was on hand to inaugurate the newly reopened Canton Golf Club.

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Civil War veterans reunite 50 years later

Civil war veterans

One hundred years ago, Civil War veterans pose together in a reunion 50 years after the war’s end. These Cherokee County veterans of the Conferderacy gathered in Canton around 1914-1915 for the photo. (Click photo to enlarge) Pictured are —

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This was so 1984

1984 Cherokee High School seniors

Cherokee High grads of a certain generation remember the senior-year tradition: amassing on the football field in the shape of your graduating year while far up in the stadium junior classmates and others snapped photos. Lisa Haygood Goss, who’s perched

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WSB-TV films flooding

1964 flooding

Parts of Canton stayed water-logged for a while in 1964. In this video excerpt from the WSB-TV archive (used here with permission), the television crew visits Canton on March 1. The footage is concentrated on the area around the Sandy

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Video: 1950s school days

In this screengrab from Richard Gray's home movie, a student is wearing a Canton jacket at Canton High School.

It’s 1957: The 6th, 7th and 8th graders at Canton Elementary have moved into the old Canton High School building now that the new high school, Cherokee, has opened. They hang out on the front steps, goof off by the

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1960 homecoming parade: Fairy tale dresses and cars

One of the homecoming court members ride in the 1960 Cherokee High homecoming parade through Main Street in 1960.

Led by the marching band, cheerleaders and others in backs of trucks, long stretches of convertibles with homecoming royalty wind their way through Main Street during the 1960 Cherokee High School homecoming parade. In this home movie shared by the

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Holiday sales, 1953-style


Robes, blankets, jackets. Nylons? The more things change, the more things (mostly) stay the same, as this Christmas “gift suggestion” list illustrates. From a December 1953 issue of the North Georgia Tribune in Canton, the full-page advertisement from Jones Mercantile

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Crossing Main Street and 100 years


The more things change … This view of Main Street is from around 1910 and was taken on Main Street where East Marietta comes into it. You can see the old Bank of Canton building, upper left, for reference. Here’s

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