Video offers peek into 1976 Cherokee High

On one of the last days of school in 1976, student Lanny C. Lathem didn’t know he was capturing something rare on film.

He thought he was just capturing some end-of-the-year moments at Cherokee High School, but it now offers a fascinating look at the school, the students and even the landscape of the surrounding Canton area.

See what’s changed — and what hasn’t — in Lathem’s YouTube video below (and be sure to check out more of our old school videos)

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29 comments on “Video offers peek into 1976 Cherokee High
  1. Carolyn Peacock Kidd says:

    Fabulous video. I graduated in 1965 so my memories may be slightly different. One vivid memory was about our principal, mr. Jordan. His big rule was ‘no gum’. If caught chewing gum or some other minor infraction,your punishment was to pull the wild onions that grew by the thousands outside the classrooms. He would give the poor soul a giant screw driver and they were sent out into the blazing heat and in full view of their friends they attacked the onions. Since we had no cooling system, the smell of onions pervaded all classrooms in the spring and early summer.

  2. Canton Rewind says:

    Thanks for the memory, Carolyn! I can’t imagine pulling wild onions as punishment in schools today but maybe Mr. Jordan was onto something!

  3. Penny says:

    Thanks for the memories…

  4. Brenda Barton says:

    I like Carolyn have some different memories, I graduated in 1965 also. I will never forget Mr. Higginbotham, making me stand in the hall until I could act like a lady, because I was waving at my fella, Jerry Johnson, across the hall, I will never forget that. I even had to walk up the hall, because Mr. Sams came down the hall, I ducked into the restroom and walked back down the hall, whew close call. After that I didn’t wave anymore.

  5. Canton Rewind says:

    Brenda, What would CHS students think today of getting in trouble for that! It’s amazing what memories stick in our heads. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Stephen Sams says:

    Mr. Sams is my Dad and he was the assistant principal at the time and I remember the students were scared to death of him. It’s wild to look back on those times and realize how long ago that was and how much has changed since. Thanks for video!



    • Canton Rewind says:

      Michell, no matter when we graduated, there are some things about CHS that always stay the same! Thanks for reading.

  8. Trudy Chester says:

    Loved it good times, good friends, good memories.
    Class of 1976!!!!!

  9. Pam Williams Law says:

    Great job Lanny, very cool to dedicate it to Grady. I was lucky enough to call Grady one of my best friends a couple of years later. Thank you for the trip down memory lane!

  10. Cherokee High School 1968 – 1972
    The place that I grew from a child to a young man. The place I met the love of my life, Linda Cannon Bailey, the most beautiful girl that I have ever seen in my life. The first sock hop, the first homecoming game experience, Homecoming parades with the Corvettes overheating while waiting on the hill to begin the parade. America changing in so many ways for the better, music that still moves me today, friendships that have lasted a lifetime, basketball games with the band playing where you felt like you could float to the rim and lay the basketball in, teachers that were supportive, administration that most kids cracked jokes about but they took care of us, warts and all. All the smiles and conversations from class to class. It was Andy’s Mayberry for me.

  11. Connie Miller (Roberts) says:

    What a great walk down memory lane. Wonderful times at Cherokee High. Thank you so much for this timeless treasure. Class of 76.

  12. Jolene Hufstetler Jones says:

    i graduated 50 years ago this year. I do remember Mr Sams, both Mr and Mrs Mashburn and
    Miss Mauldin. I will always remember my high school years. Thanks for sharing this video.

  13. Wayne Wheeler says:

    Thank you for sharing this video that brings precious moments to memory. Being from the class of 1974 was a privilege and priceless to me. Making new friends that remain to this day and recalling events that I haven’t thought of till now invoke a greatful heartsfield thank you to all that is CHS.

  14. Terry Wilson says:

    I personally want to thank you for publishing this walk down memory lane. Now that I live in Hawaii for the past 26 years now I have a new family here and this is just one venue for me to share how and where I grew up and what the lifestyle was like in those “Good old Days”. Thank you for this wondrous feeling I get from watching and ;listening to your video.

  15. Bill Johnson says:

    What a great trip back in time and Yes, Grady is always remembered. Good friends and a great time to be a warrior….and then an eagle.

  16. Jackie Martin (Jordan) says:

    So very glad to have found this for a little trip down memory lane. Watching Grady I couldn’t help but smile! What treasured memories from those hallways, the picnic tables and our years at CHS. I was a freshman that year and Grady was one of my first new friends.

  17. Bill says:

    Who’s got the copy of the 1988 Cherokee High School yearbook? I cant find one out there to buy

  18. Lucille Timms Hanks says:

    I graduated May 29, 1967. At that time there was no picnic tables and girls could not wear pants to school. I enjoy my days at CHS.

  19. Lanny Lathem says:

    I’m glad so many like the film. I had no idea at the time I was documenting a time and a place on film nor how rare that would be all these years later.

  20. Jennifer Ann Peardon says:

    Awesome video brought back lots of killer memories for me as well. Not much changed from then to when I was there 1984-87. Thank you for sharing with everyone.

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