Where were you for the ‘Storm of the Century?’

1993 blizzard NOAA map Whether you remember it as the Great Blizzard, the Storm of the Century or the original Superstorm, most people do remember the winter storm of 1993 and where they were through it.

On March 10, 1993, Canton was enjoying temps in the 70s. By Saturday, March 13, the snow began falling early. And falling. And then fell some more for up to 10 inches or more in some areas.

Canton (and much of the East Coast) was paralyzed for days — many without power, the roads impassable, trees snapping and temps staying in the teens.

Where were you for the “Storm of the Century”? How long were you without power? How did you pass the time? Were you stranded some place other than home? Share your memories of the 1993 blizzard in the comments below

[Update March 11] Shared on Facebook:

“Trapped at home and then finally made to Emma’s house and her dad took us out for pizza in her little geo metro. One of my favorite rides in the snow!!”

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2 comments on “Where were you for the ‘Storm of the Century?’
  1. Kelly D says:

    We were all stuck at home with my 8 month pregnant sister that kept going into false labor so had to take medication to prevent her having the baby early. She ran out and my step father had to make it into town to get a refill. To say we lived near Canton is a stretch, it was actually in Clayton Community and took them hours to get back. We had no power and did all the cooking on a wood burning stove. We went outside and played in the snow so many times, I lost count. The rest of my memory is fuzzy, it seemed like we were out of school for two weeks due to no power but could have been only one.

  2. Canton Rewind says:

    Thanks, Kelly! It certainly seemed like the longest stretch of school “snow days” we’ve ever had.

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