Canton’s first skating rink — in 1909

Although many Canton residents may remember Sparkles as the first skating rink in Canton, that honor actually belongs to a business that began more than 100 years ago.

As the advertisement in the Cherokee Advance announces, a skating rink opened April 1, 1909. It carried an endorsement from ministers because of its “absolute freedom from mischief-making opportunities.”

The rink, outfitted with electric lights, was above the F.P. Burtz store and carried 50 pairs of new roller skates, available to rent for 15 cents.

1909 skating rink Cherokee Advance

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4 comments on “Canton’s first skating rink — in 1909
  1. Is this the old Skating rink in South Canton off of Hwy 5 next to where the Cherokee Animal Hospital is now?

  2. Canton Rewind says:

    Hi Christopher, From what I was able to find, I got the impression this one was closer to Main Street but do you remember the F.P. Burtz store being in South Canton? We know for sure it was in the floor above that store so maybe that would help us pinpoint it. Let me know and thanks for reading!

  3. Anonymous says:

    I know there was a small bowling alley in South Canton. I believe it was across from the barber shop. I think it is an auto shop now.

  4. There was an old tin building where the building that the State Farm insurance office (the address 2442 Marietta Hwy) is now. The office building there now was built sometime in the early 1980s.
    My grandmother lived behind that building and We used to call the old tin build the skating rink. I went in only once and it was use as a storage build ever since I can remember. That is until it was torn down for the offices that are there now.
    As far as I know it was only a single story building.

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