‘Cheapest clap-trap stuff that decent people ever listened to’ at medicine show

At a time when the entire population of Cherokee County was less than 20,000, an estimated 1,500-2,000 people showed up at a 1927 “Medicine Show” to buy its wares — or cheap “clap-trap stuff,” according to a newspaper.

The Saturday night in May was covered (with some derision) by the Cherokee Advance:

“There was in Canton last week what is called “A Medicine Show.” This show outfit was just outside the city limits on the Waleska road. The wares offered for sale at this place was candy, liniment and soap.

The liniment sold for a dollar a bottle, and was guaranteed to make the deaf hear and the lame walk. The soap it was claimed by those selling it, would lather better than any other known soap. The candy spoke for itself, containing an occasional prize. We have been informed that five hundred boxes of the candy, two hundred bottle of the liniment and gobs of the soap were sold Saturday night. It is claimed that from fifteen hundred to two thousand people were at the medicine platform.

In addition to the sales, there was a show in connection consisting of some of the cheapest clap-trap stuff that decent people ever listened to. Now, it is none of our business how a person spends his or her money, but we hate to see hard-earned money turned over to a bunch of loafers, with soft hands and hard faces, and get nothing in return.”

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