Family poisoned in Macedonia

A family’s trip to a camp meeting at Macedonia Church ended in poisoning in 1883.

According to news reports at the time, William DeVeril from Milton came to Macedonia Church with his family via wagon on Saturday morning for a weekend stay. They had packed provisions for their stay, including some pies, which were kept in the wagon overnight Saturday.

On Sunday morning, the family “noticed the [wagon] lid was raised and the victuals had been tampered with, still but little thought was given the matter.”

As the family ate, all but DeVeril and his oldest son sampled the pies. An hour later, everyone except father and son were ill. Doctors were convinced the pies had been laced with arsenic or strychnine. After a few days, the family was well enough to return home.

“This mysterious and devilish crime can’t be accounted for, as Mr. DeVeril told [the doctor] that he was confident he had no enemies,” the Cherokee Advance reported on August 25. “So there can be no shadow of a suspicion on any particular one. All that is known, is that the terrible and cowardly deed was done and came near murdering four human beings.”

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