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It is the intention of the Canton Rewind project to comply with all U.S. and international copyright restrictions and to respect the intellectual property of all authors whose work is represented in the archive. If any individual or corporate entity has concerns about a specific item, please contact us at cantonrewind@gmail.com

Your recollections, images, video, and/or other media to the Canton Rewind project will allow the public, as well as future students and historians, to gain a greater understanding of historic events and daily life in Canton, Georgia. You must be 18 years of age or older to submit material to us. Your submission of material constitutes your permission for, and consent to, its dissemination and use in connection with the Canton Rewind project in all media in perpetuity.

If you indicate on the form that your submission is “public,” your material will be published on the website (with or without your name, depending on what you have indicated).

Your submission must be created by you, wholly original, except that: you may include things that are in the public domain and/or, if submitting an oral history, share these terms and conditions to the interviewee and obtain his or her agreement to them prior to submitting the interview. Submitted material must not violate any confidentiality, privacy, security or other laws.

You retain ownership in your submission, but by making a submission you give the Canton Rewind project your permission to disseminate, modify, and use your submission, in whole or in part, in all media now known or later developed. We reserve the right to refuse any submission.

You are solely responsible for your submission and any consequences of submitting it. Canton Rewind shall not be responsible or liable for any breach of these terms and conditions by you, claims by a third party that your submission violates the third party’s rights, or claims by you that a third party is misusing your submission.

Any changes to these terms and conditions will be posted on the project website.

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