Video: Canton votes!

Canton residents head to City Hall to vote in this video, but you get to glimpse into the everyday life of Canton.

This video excerpt from the WSB-TV archive (used here with permission) is dated in records as January 1, 1963, but the election itself may have been from November or a special city election in December. Note at about :27 the Christmas decorations still in abundance — how early or late did Canton decorate?

The voters are going in and out of the then City Hall, which was also the police station and fire station at the time. Today, law offices occupy the building at 221 E. Main Street. The large windows on the front of the building used to be a large garage door to allow the fire truck to enter and exit. Upstairs was the public library. A gas station used to be next door but is now an empty lot.

At around 2:01 in the video is James Cannon; at 2:07 is longtime Canton Police Officer Junior Payne; around :24 and near the end of the video is footage of Canton’s water tower, possibly the one one near the Coker Hospital area (now Brian Center).

Do you recognize any other details? Share in the comments below!

Courtesy: WSB Newsfilm collection, reel WSBN1123, 20:48/25:22, 0, Walter J. Brown Media Archives and Peabody Awards Collection, The University of Georgia Libraries, Athens, Ga.

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5 comments on “Video: Canton votes!
  1. Carol says:

    At 1:33-1:34, that’s Earl Padgett in the video “Canton Votes.” I believe Coy Free is at the table in the beginning and possibly Lee Roy Tippens (also at the table).

  2. Helen Mauldin King says:

    Lee Roy Tippens is sitting at the table signing people up.
    Coy Free, Mr. and Mrs. Sweat are going out the door(Larry, and Mike’s mother and dad. James Cannon SR. and Earl Padgett standing next to a man with glasses shaking hands.

  3. Sandra Dunn Henry says:

    I see Hugh and Marlene Haynes Thacker voting in this video, also Ray and Jean Smith. Neat to see people from the past.

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